Kring van Draaiorgelvrienden



Kring van Draaiorgelvrienden

The KDV was established in 1954. The society works to generate interest in the Dutch mechanical organs and their preservation.

To do so the KDV brings you into contact with the organ in a pleasant way. This is achieved through the organisation of events throughout the country. At these events you can learn about the different types of mechanical organs, such as street-, fairground- and dance organs. Admission to most of these events is free.   


KDV members receive an illustrated magazine, which is published four times a year. It contains very interesting articles about the history, art and technical side of the instruments. Also, the KDV produces well-recorded CDs of mechanical organs. Have a look around at our web shop for those CDs and other articles of interest.

Another objective of the KDV is to advice the authorities on matters relating to the preservation, exploitation and presentation of mechanical organs. These matters can include the policy about issuing playing permits for street organs and fairground organs, subsidies, support for city organs, housing museums and all other imaginable cases on the subject of mechanical organs.

Latest news

30-07-2015 00:00:00
De huidige directeur ad interim van Museum Speelklok, Klaas Dirk Bruintjes, wordt per 1 augustus 2015 opgevolgd door Marian van Dijk....
02-06-2015 00:00:00
Op 2 juni 2015 is na een slopend ziektebed de bekende Belgische orgelbouwer Johnny Verbeeck overleden. ...

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